Using butler for pushing updates + few sprite changes

Before I start to talk about my experience with butler, there is a small change in the game:
- hostile platforms were visually reworked to be more obvious to evade.


I started to use `butler` for pushing game updates to itch - setup was very easy and convenient.
It allows not to re-upload the whole bundle but just changed files, and it versions updates automatically (starting from 1.0 which is not really good cuz I have just a pre-alpha version :-), but anyway it is OK in scope of the jam ).

I use javascript and phaser for development, so I just needed to add a new `itch` command to my package.json:

`rm -rf dist && parcel build index.html --no-source-maps --public-url ./ && zip -r dist && rm -rf dist && butler push alexedev/hanna:html && rm`

 It means that now I can just run `yarn itch` whenever I want to upload the new game version.

yeah, I use parcel as a builder - really love it :-)
As you see, I build to `dist` frolder, then zip it to `` then remove `dist` and finally pushing the build to with butler. 

`:html` after `_username_/_projectname_` is a channel (in my case the game runs only in browser thus `html`). 
Anyway, `html` channel is not recognised automatically by - it just added a button to download the zip and the old bundle was still used to run the game in the browser  - so I needed to disable the old bundle and check "This file will be played in the browser" for the new bundle manually.  

That step was not convenient at all but, fortunately, if I push a zip file under the same name (`` in my case) all the time - there is no need to manual adjustment on ;-)

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