Hanna - a glitched adventure 0.1

I worked on Hanna during the weekend and really like the result so far (total time spent is whole Saturday(about 10 hours) + about 3 hours on Sunday)
It is made with javascript and Phaser 3 engine, all assets are made by me as well.

This is the first time I make a game, as well as graphics and animations.
Making the soundtrack and sound effects was not a problem at all because music production is my main hobby.

The game is developed in scope of Cyberpunk jam 2019 but it does not seem to have a cyberpunk aesthetics (yet? :) ).

Feel free to give a feedback - I will really appreciate it!

I decided to open source it here https://github.com/alexedev/hanna-game (code is quite messy because I cared about time spent, not code quality)

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