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could be fun. But some message like, "you reached the end of the demo" would avoid unnecessary sucicides by jumping back down again ;)

cool music!

there's nothing after reaching the top, right?

yes, unfortunately:) I will continue working on more content in one week (after cyberpunk jam 2019 voting is finished)

Very addictive, sure that you will win the Cyberpunk JAM ;-)

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Thank you for your kind words :) I feel I need to add more content to compete for the first place though because this prototype is too short. I took a day off from my main job this Friday to continue working on it a bit more before the deadline. And I think and hope that there will be some more submissions added to see what others are capable of and to inspire from them. To me the jam already was effective in a way that it motivated me to get the first game development experience. I am really glad there is as a convenient place to publish games and get first valuable feedback. And there are so many jams to choose from. I am really excited!

Hi, Alex! Awesome music! 

Have you considered making the character's sprite related to the amount of HP she owns? As if - the amount of HP could be expressed through the density of the red-blue border seen around her, or maybe add some particle flying around?

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Thank you! Music making is already my long-term hobby so it was the easies part to finish :) BTW let me know whenever you need any help with music and sound design - we could collaborate someday. Considering the health representation, yes I already thought exactly about border density or tinting or maybe adding two pixel orbitals/pets or smth :) There are already particles implemented and they grow in size when you collect more and more bottles, but it is not very good solution because it works more like a decoration than some informative element. I hope that I will implement a more appropriate solution this Friday.

Did you make the music yourself?
Nice game idea btw. Looking forward to what this becomes

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hi, thank you for your support! yes, everything is done by myself (no external assets are used except for protagonist model (mentioned in the game description))

Lol, another Glitch girl XD! the demo it's just a pre-alpha.

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wow! looks really  nice. Is it a screenshot from your game for cyberpunk jam 2019 or non-related?

No, I just wanted to do a meme for Hanna's glitch when walking, with the image of Vanellope's Glitch.

oh lol, I was not familiar with it :)